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Dr. Holly McConville, Registered Clinical Psychologist

Dr. McConville specializes with children and adolescents treating a wide range of emotional and behavioral difficulties (depression, abuse/trauma, aggressive behavior, self harm, low self-esteem, relationship concerns, family issues, grief/loss, etc.). She also has a special interest in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, especially among children who have excessive worries or exhibit obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Sessions are also offered to parents interested in learning effective parenting techniques, behavioral modification strategies, methods for strengthening parent-child attachment, or suggestions for improving a co-parenting relationship.

Dr. McConville has been working in private practice full-time, since the completion of her Clinical Psychology Doctorate in 2005. She has practiced in a variety of out-patient and in-patient pediatric hospitals and mental health treatment centers. She also received specialized training in the treatment of childhood trauma related to sexual abuse. Beyond these experiences, Dr. McConville believes that it has been her clients themselves who have enriched her training the most; through them, she is thankful for having witnessed the incredible resiliency of the child’s spirit.

Dr. McConville has a strong background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) but treatment is tailored to fit with the client’s individual needs and mutually agreed upon goals. In line with her CBT training, she often assists children and adolescents in discovering the connection between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, challenging disruptive thinking patterns, and developing healthier coping tools to deal with some of life’s challenges. Her clinical strengths lie in her ability to quickly put people at ease and provide an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance, and genuineness where young people can feel safe to begin their journey.

Contact Information:

Mobile: 902-225-9147


Office Information:



Home-Based Office in the Bedford/Hammonds Plains Area

Please Contact for Address



Mobile (text): 902-225-9147





Monday. Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (9am-3pm)




$210 Per 50-Minute Session


Please keep in mind the 24-hour cancellation policy to avoid being charged for the session.



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